Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lovely Evening (^^,)

Tonight was Cheese Night and Great Conversation Night (^^,)

I went to my sister’s place to have bonding time with Cecile; Cecile brought cheese for us. She brought pasteurized goat cheese, cheese with pepper, and aged edam - they were all so good (^^,) We had sparkling grape with it, after which my sister and I had Blue Mountain coffee. Our evening started around 6 PM, and we were just chatting the whole time, until we realized it was almost 10, and we didn’t notice the time at all. However, we went back to talking and then had some of the leek and onion soup and roast chicken that my sister cooked earlier today for her best friend Jennee. I also had greens (with wansoy) mixed with olive oil and balsamic. Yum.

So, next thing we realized it was 1 AM XD So we called it a night (^^,) It was fun and relaxing and the stories were all inspiring and beautiful.

Tonight, I intend to sleep long. I need to take care of my health. I’m thinking that the stuff I’m experiencing now are all due to late nights, holiday stress, shift in working style (this was effortless; i just noticed that lately I am able to work for a long time without any pauses at all), plus a recent resolution that was, and still is, quite hard for me, and I’m still trying to cope with it. However, the stress should be addressed and I think sleeping long hours should help, plus I have made a minor change in my eating habits, and no it’s not a diet because they never work for me. It’s just a minor change on certain habits and manners. So, I should sleep soon and hope for the best. I do hope that all efforts from this year come into fruition in the coming year.

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