Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Colorful Zebra XD

This cute zebra with colorful feet was from a kendo classmate. Doumo! (^^,)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mango and Jelly (^.^)

My dad made one of the whole family's favorite desserts again XD It's basically fruit, jelly, milk, and cream, and he has made various kinds of combination before. This time, he just made it with fresh mangoes, green jelly, and clear jelly XD

Diced Mangoes and Green Jelly

Clear jelly is added~ :3

The clear jelly look like ice cubes :3

Milk! :3

Milky Mangoes and Jelly!

A Whole Can of Cream

Time to mix it all well.

Time to devour.

A Cow Among Motorcycles

Tell me, you DO see a cow among the parked motorcycles, right? Or at least a Huge Cowhead. XD

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve

And it's going to be our first Christmas in this house (^.^)

I have a few days left before the new year comes, meaning just a few days to clear all my clutter and have all my things in their proper places. (^^U) But, no reason to panic. I have been quite productive lately.

This morning my friend Cecille came by to visit and drop off her gifts; I gave her mine and passed on to her a Hiragana and Katakana book. She's currently studying and advancing in her Spanish language lessons, but she is also increasing her German and Japanese on the side. She's been quite busy, and I found out she is selling organic stuff, some of which I already use, so I might probably buy from her (^.^)

Actually I don't feel as Christmasy as I normally do around this time of year. It's not really a bad thing; it's more of an observation I just had. In any case, I am using all this time before the year ends to put things (physical, mental, and emotional) in their right places, if they have any place at all.

He* starts working today after a temporary vacation. Sometimes the intensity lessens, but more often than not, it is there, like a resounding kiai. I still wish, everyday.

So. We will be having lunch in a while; my sister's joining us. I hope to make this day another productive and cheerful day. Cecille's visit was a nice way to start my day and her presence was very refreshing. After that I did some chores in the kitchen since my mom had to attend to some things someplace, and I had green tea and food for the gods for breakfast. Then I started on a language material that I intend to contribute to a translation site, as a volunteer. Now I continue moving blog content from the old one to here.

I hope he's okay. Sometimes I ache T.T

BUT, then again, cheer up! The weather is lovely and there will always be music.

* The journalist, K

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Thoughts

What usually are your first thoughts in the morning? Mine differ, though lately my first thought always has something to do with someone leaving, and more recently, about someone* having left already, and the thoughts are often followed by some lingering ache.

Anyway *tries to brush off achey residues* this morning was so weird XD

First thought: Oh darn he is no longer here and is so far away! (immediately followed by ache)

IMMEDIATE second thought: What is the kanji for mado again? (tries to write the kanji in the air, the ache immediately replaced by the compulsion to remember the kanji)

So, though I was still somewhat dizzy from sleepiness, I crawled towards my closet to get the dictionary and checked if I remembered the kanji of mado correctly. (I did *smug look*)

Somehow, thank you kanji of mado for distracting me from this morning's ache. 

* The journalist, K

Mrrrrrr XD

An apple, with nail marks.

"A wishing apple in my hands(Heavy Starry Chain, TommyHeavenly6)

I remember holding on to it with both hands, taking in its pleasant smell, as I stood beside him*, and when I realized he was looking down at me, and he suddenly spoke to me, my nails dug into the apple (^^U)

*The journalist, K

Monday, December 13, 2010

My New Muji Mess-Keepers XD

So I have been looking for shelves to place inside my huge tall closets so I can maximize the space. I was thinking of having them specially made though I was not sure how much that would all cost. I tried checking out the department store but I couldn't find anything with just the right size. Then, early this week, my sister told me she found shelves in Muji which might be just what I need, plus they are quite reasonably priced - most of the shelves are belowP2,000. So we made plans to check them out today and ta-dah, now I have 4 new shelves XD I have yet to assemble them with some help from my dad, most probably tomorrow. I can't wait to fix and organize my things, all piled up and messy. This way I can also pick out things for another garage sale that we will be having some time soon. When my things are organized I will be able to find the materials I need for my craft projects XD I'm so glad I found and bought those shelves (^^,)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Girls

A little something for Christmas, for all my girl friends (^_^)

Post Clutter-Clearing Garage Sale

Last week, we had a whole-day garage sale - most items were sold for 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 pesos. The only "expensive" items were the corporate clothes set, the electric hair curler, and the rice cooker, which were between 100 to 250 pesos. Apart from two really crappy buyers (one man who kept saying "you are so rich, you should just give this item to me", and one fat pimply woman who refused to pay 10 pesos for an item), almost everyone who came bought and left cheerfully.


So we grouped all the merchandise according to their prices, and packed each item or set of items carefully and nicely to show that they are still in good condition, or were hardly used, or unused.

Just some of the merchandise

Fairly enough, I earned enough to pay some bills by selling things I no longer have a need or use for (^.^)

Earnings within the first couple of hours of the garage sale

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cheesecake and Coffee

Went over to Figaro: Mediterranean Strawberry Cheesecake and Coffee

Arugula for Dinner

During one of our Fringe marathon nights, my sister and I had (a mountain of) arugula, Gouda, and crackers for dinner. I LOVE arugula. 

Red Bean Ice Bar

So here is the Red Bean Ice Bar that I bought with the other Korean goodies before:

Red Bean Ice Bar

I LOVE this ice bar.

Korean Ice Kream!

One evening, my sister and I went for a trip to the Korean Mart nearby, leaving with several kinds of ice cream XD I took the one with the plastic jug inside containing chocolate ice, taiyaki with ice cream filling (together with the red bean), and a red bean ice bar, which is not in this post, but which I totally love too.

Lights and the Nativity

A few days after they put up the tree, my dad put up the lights outside the house and my mom put together the nativity set. One evening, my sister came to visit to see them.

They were all looking up at the blinking lights.

The Nativity

The Three Wise Men - and now I know what was up with the frankincense and myrrh:

Is is just me or is the sheep smiling at the camera? Or perhaps at something behind me.

This young man seems to be warily (nervously) watching the sheep from the corner of his eyes.

Yay, the cats made it after their long journey.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally (^^,)

Finally, done with the pre-garage sale preparations (^^,) Been cleaning, organizing, and pricing for days! Tomorrow I will take photos of some of the merchandise XD

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweetness in Shibuya: A Remembering

One evening, in Shibuya. We were walking back to the apartment hotel where I stayed. 

Somehow the others have gone ahead, and he asked if I wanted chocolate, and that I could pick anything I wanted from the store. I suddenly felt shy, so he led me to the aisle where all the sweets were. He picked one out for me, and asked me if I liked it. I nodded, and he went to the counter to get it for me. 

I suddenly felt awkward, and he probably felt it too, so he went back and said perhaps it might be better if we got something for everyone else. 

Everyone else had gone ahead, and I was suddenly very much aware of taking a walk in the streets of Shibuya, with someone I used to wish for. 

Then very immediately, I brushed off anything else from my mind. I remembered how someone waited for me back home.


About a couple of evenings later, at the Cerulean, over drinks.

Brief moments of an awed smile, which I pretended not to notice. 

Somewhere in the conversations that took place, he spoke.

What happens in Shibuya stays there. No one should know back home. 

I held back the gaze with the awed smile, which I thought was awesome. 

I thought of the right thing to do, smiled, and looked away.


Sometimes, a voice asks, was it worth it, since the one from way back home turned out to be someone who lived a life you did not know existed at all, with people you did not know at all, while making you believe otherwise? 

At the end of the day, even if that person whom I indirectly stood up for turned out to be a big liar, I still feel satisfied that I chose to do the right thing. Regardless of how this person turned out to be, I know deep inside that I never wronged him. 

As for the brief moments of endless possibilities in Shibuya, I guess I would always be curious, but maybe they are not for me to find out and live with.

I will always have the fondest memories of Shibuya, though. How the weather felt, how the silence seemed to stretch for a long time during the walk, and how often I saw that awed smile - especially when he came by to say goodbye one morning before he flew off someplace, just right after I woke up. It must have been the puffiness of my face under the early morning Tokyo sun, and it was the first time he saw it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Putting Up the Tree

Sometime on the second week of November, I found my parents downstairs all busy with the Christmas decor and lights (^^,) So it was why my mom and the helper were taking out the boxes of decor and cleaning their contents during that morning.

There were lights, Christmas tree clusters, gold Christmas balls, and Christmas flowers and ribbons for the tree.

The branch and twig-like decor was also replaced by Christmas flowers, and my mom was making some of the other decor:

Usually it's my dad who likes putting up the tree as well as the lights and decor.

Oddly, I did not get to take a photo of the tree when it was finished (^^U) My sister did when she visited the following evening:


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visiting the Dead

We visited the cemetery days after the traditional visit on November 1st. It was rainy and there were hardly any people, except for those who were attending a funeral. It actually looked like a nice, peaceful place.

Coffee and a Rainy Afternoon

During an afternoon of heavy rains, my sister and I enjoyed our mugs of hot coffee (^^,)

Breakfast Food for Late Lunch

I've been staying over at my sister's because we're working on something, and today we had breakfast food for late lunch.

Bacon and Hungarian Sausage :3

Hungry Halloween

October 31st of this year was supposed to be spent at home, working, blogging, and other indoor things. Some time before midnight though, my sister and I found ourselves hungry, so we had sisig and strawberry parfait at Icebergs XD

Sisig. With CRUSHED chicharon :D

Strawberry Parfait. It was good. I forgot to ask them to take out the nuts though. 

Chocolate Cupcakes!!! XD

Super moist and yummy chocolate cupcakes from Dessert Solutions:

I really like these cupcakes. They remind me of the earlier version of the chocolate cake in Figaro, some time in the early 2000. These cupcakes are like miniature versions of those old Figaro cakes, the ones with holes in the middle. Then I would request the baristas in Figaro to microwave the cake just a little bit so the chocolate would melt into that hole. Those cakes were so perfect - just the right softness and moist-ness, and the icing tastes just perfectly milky, creamy, and chocolatey at the same time. And these cupcakes are exactly like that.
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