Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Backyard Blessing

This afternoon, as I made coffee for myself and sliced the last of the edam with peppers and the aged edam, I looked out to the backyard. The wind started blowing softly and it felt so nice (^^,) I realize how thankful I am that we have a huge backyard with trees, plants, flowers, and lots of birds (and bats at night) making it their home. It feels nice to have meals there (as my sister and I usually do when she eats here for lunch or breakfast) or to just sit out and have tea. Sometimes I just stay out to enjoy the wind and the sun and the sound of leaves, and it feels great because it calms me down and fills me with happy energies (^^,) It also reminds me how I love the weather and how I love living in an Asian country (^^,)

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