Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Images of Home

Some time last year, I started taking some photos of some parts of our house since we are in the process of moving out. When I had tea in the backyard, I took photos, and as my parents put up some Christmas decor for our last Christmas here, I took photos too. Some time last week, or two weeks ago, I took some random photos of the living room. I think I was feeling especially nice that day and was loving the weather so I stayed by the door and watched the trees and plants moving with the wind and enjoying the sun. Then, I just felt like taking some photos of the house again. 

This is the tall wooden cat which faces the front door. I think it’s some kind of guardian cat.

This is one angle of the living room; I took it from the hallway leading to the other bedrooms and one of the bathrooms.

This is the basket of “flowers” by the front door.

This, I think, is our oldest lamp. When I was a child, I always sat beside it and loved looking at the Egyptian designs around it.

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