Monday, March 22, 2010

Dowsing XD

Spent the late afternoon eating JAMAICAN CHERRIES off the trees in the backyard again, and this time I had a DOWSING ROD with me XD I just found it intertwined among the tree branches, so it did not fall to the ground. I took it and dowsed and found a treasure chest.

Then I found a well, then I threw a gold coin into it, taking from the treasure chest. I made a wish. I wished for you. And then I wished for a boat. Then I wished for all the things that should be in the boat. Then I wished for the waves to bring us someplace far where there will be no one to stare or judge or mutter. I dropped several gold coins in the process, because I had many wishes XD

I went back to the house and took my Japanese stroller, and loaded it with the treasure, and placed them in my room. I then packed my Nordic fur coat, fur boots, and other clothes. I am prepared to eat seal meat and seal fat, and meet Iorek Byrnison.

Okay, obviously, the only facts in this entry stop at the phrase “to the ground,” somewhere on the fourth line of the first paragraph. XD

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