Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Occasionally, especially when I was much younger, I’d sleep talk. On rare occasions, I laugh in my sleep, or wake up clutching at my stomach because it hurts from so much laughter. Other times I wake up and catch myself trying to stifle a laugh, hence the stomach ache. Sometimes I wake up as if someone is shaking my shoulder, but I discover that my shoulders are shaking as I unconsciously buried my face into the pillow to contain the laughter.

So this morning, I woke up with my stomach hurting, and I caught myself stifling the laughter, though I still produced soft laughing sounds. It felt so weird because I was so sleepy, and the very little energy I have was being spent on laughing XD I realized I was laughing in my sleep, and laughed some more, until tears came out my eyes and my stomach hurt from so much effort.

I vaguely remember my dream, though I know I was trying to cook something, and I was following a set of instructions. My mom wrote the instructions on a chalk board. She made short cuts to some words, and I found some of the words funny, and I started laughing. I was laughing for quite some time already when I woke up. I don’t remember the words but I know I found them so funny in the dream.

I like sleep-laughing (^^,) It feels very weird, but pleasant-weird (^^,)

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