Wednesday, April 21, 2010


There is a Siamese cat in our neighborhood, notorious in the neighborhood-cat-community, for being playtomcat. Apart from the fact that we frequently hear him miaowing his feline heart out, we occasionally witness female cats frantically running away from him, or risking their lives being trapped in some tiny opening in a wall or whatever, just to get away from his dominating powers. On one occasion, I was distracted from work by angry miaowing from outside the house, and I found the notorious tomkitty cornering a thin white cat, who was deliberating on risking her neck by jumping from our roof. In the end, she jumped, leaving scratch marks on our windows and kitty poop on the ground (yes she was that terrified), just to get away from him. I looked back up at the notorious chaser, and he GLOWERED at me.

I think he sees me as some kind of disturbance in his exciting kitty-chase, because whenever he chases a cat near our home and I come out to check on what the miaowing is all about, he gets distracted and the kitty he desires manages to escape for those few seconds. So whenever he sees me, even when he is merely resting (and not chasing anyone), he glares at me that I feel holes burning through my skin. So, I stick my tongue out at him and grin. Sometimes, I happily wave and I think it annoys him even more.

Kasi naman. OA na ang kanyang desires ha. And when he miaows, para bang Lonely Cat na Lonely Cat ang dating. E lahat ng babaeng pusa dito tinatakbuhan sya. Palayo ha. XD

So anyway, some time last week, as I was waiting for my sister to pick me up for class, I heard some rustling of leaves and I turned to find Mr. Glaring Cat on our garden wall. He was grooming himself and I was about to take a photo when he saw me and glared.

He lost weight, I noticed. He used to be chubbier and FLUFFIER before. XD Anyway, at least before we move out, I managed to take a photo of my Feline Friend (Feline Fiend). I’m sure he only thinks of me as “Interrupting Idiot” XD

By the way, I think what makes him hate me even more are those occasions when he is emotionally miaowing like an emo-cat, and then I step out of the house, and then he stops, hoping that some female cat is being let out, but then I step out, grin and wave at him. During these times, he glowers at me then walks away, and I can feel cat-cuss-words emanating from him.

Anyway when we move, di ko na sya makikita. UNLESS, he becomes desperate and really lonely and starts checking out the cats there. XD

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