Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goodbye Trees

I took these photos Sunday of last week, my last Sunday in our former home. I also picked all the ripe Jamaican Cherries and ate them on the spot XD

The bigger tree at the corner of the backyard, beside the water tank.

The smaller tree, the one that serves as shade to the entire grotto area.

This is from the smaller tree. Of course I ate all the ripe ones XD

This is from the bigger tree. (^.^)

And then sometime earlier this week, my mom and one of our helpers went over to the old house to get some saplings from the tree and to get more soil and some of the vegetables they planted. My mom told me of how she felt like the trees said goodbye in their own way. As they picked more aratilis and the helper held on to its branches, the smaller tree just came off. It was uprooted and fell to the ground. And for some reason my mom felt much better and less attached to the old house. I also told her and my sister about the afternoon I said my goodbye to the trees, when, after I said goodbye, the wind started blowing and I kind of freaked out when a long branch from the bigger tree, with its leaves spreading out like hands, brushed against my head then down to my right shoulder and arm, and then the wind stopped and the branch moved back up again to its original position (^^U)

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