Friday, May 28, 2010

Kanji Game XD

In class today we had a Kanji game, and it was SUPER fun XD Of course, deadma na kung bata ang kalaban ko - it was all about WRESTLING (and screaming for us girls) for the right Kanji card XD I have this funny memory in my head of screaming and grabbing one of the Kanji cards from Ryoma-chan XD Anyway our team won XD We took home Dairy Milks XD

Prior to that we had our famous (at least in our class), or one of the famous dialogues, the one with Miraa-san and Kimura-san XD My partner was Louie-san and at first he has decided to be as stoic and spaced out as the actual Miraa-san. So we went to the front and brought props (cell phones) and he rang my phone to make it realistic XD

However, when the part came for Kimura-san to decline Miraa-san’s invitation for the date, Louie-san started acting weepy and crushed, and Unintentionally Turned Into A Goat XD

Today was super fun (^^,) Well, every class is fun but today was super because of the Kanji game excitement XD And it has been extra fun ever since the invisible barriers were taken away unknowingly by A Fateful Day XD

So anyway, one thing I learned was to target the bombugu-ya XD

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