Monday, May 24, 2010

The Town

We went to the older part of Pasig during the Election Day to vote - it’s the older part of town where I grew up. Most of its historical spots were still there, including the really old gift shops and school supplies stores and bakeries that I remember from early childhood. The streets are more crowded now, though, with more fast food chains lining the streets.

So anyway on our way to the public school where we were supposed to vote, we drove by the old library and museum (though now it is just a museum):

Back then when I was a kid, this building wasn’t that yellow. It was the Pasig Library and Museum. Before it even became a public libary, it was HOME to an actor or actress, I just forgot the name. It was a mansion in the middle of the town, and at some point there was a railroad somewhere there. Anyway I only heard that story when I was kid, because I was so amazed at how huge the inside of the library was, and I couldn’t remember my way around when I was inside. I remember visiting this place with my sister, and we would borrow plenty of books, and sometimes we would hang out in there and just go through the huge hardbound books that we either cannot take out, or do not want to bring all the way to the house because they were too heavy.

I remember going to the children’s section, but only enjoyed looking at the pictures in the books, but I would prefer to go to where the “grown-up” books are~ the romantic novels, dramatic stories, or suspense thrillers. One time I looked at the pictures of a huge book of medical studies and diseases, but I was so disturbed by what I saw, and I felt awfully sick. I think we went to buy some burgers and snow cones after so I’d feel better (^^U)

So anyway, when I was a kid, my sister and I would spend a lot of our summer days visiting this public library, which is now just a museum. I have no idea what’s inside it now, and what it looks like. I remember visiting the museum part of this when I was a kid, though I cannot remember what were on display.
Beside this library was the town plaza, as in your traditional plaza across the church, where there are lamp posts and benches and plants and flowers, though I am not sure if I remember correctly that there is a fountain in the middle of it. I wasn’t able to take a photo, though, because we had to turn left towards the side of the really old Pasig church, on our way to the public school.

This means I wasn’t able to take a photo of the church too, except for one part of the bell tower.

Sorry about the reflection XD

The church I grew up with, until I just stopped going. This is a really old church, and it is so beautiful from the outside. Inside, it still looks nice, but I think a greater part of the altar and the niches have been redesigned, and most of it has been gilded, taking away the old, traditional, homey, wooden, simple look. Personally I think it was more beautiful how it looked before - when everything was either in stone or in wood - rather than having everything gilded or encased in whatever ornament.

So anyway, we got to the public school, lined up for almost four hours, and voted.

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