Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Japanese Snacks for School

My sister bought loads of Japanese snacks for the both us so we could enjoy them while we have our morning coffee at the 711 near the Nihongo Center before class, and while we are taking our breaks in between (^___^) 

Banana Purin! *love*

Before anything else, we ate the banana pudding which sort of added a whole new layer of loveliness to my morning XD We momentarily forgot all about the coffee. At least until we finished the banana pudding and unwrapped the "Muffin Cake" which was supposed to go with the coffee :D

It is called "Muffin Cake" and it is Perfect With Coffee.

During our break in class we had this cute tiny-bread-like snack, beside which is my cow sharpener, to highlight the cow on the packaging :D

It looks like a pack of tiny pandesal :D

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