Monday, October 31, 2011

Yeiy, A Mood Board

I have been putting together mood boards for quite some time, and they are often mood boards on clothing and rooms in the home which follow a specific theme or color scheme. But I have never created a mood board that is supposed to show more of Me - what my personal style is, what I like, what would illustrate my character more.

So I'm just supposed to make one, taking from things I already own, putting them into one limited space so that I do not end up all over the place. Excited, I began "shopping for fluff" around my room, until I had so many things in my hands and thought, I'm not supposed to illustrate my life and all the activities I do onto one rectangular space. I'm supposed to find things that really interest me and inspire me and which are main manifestations of what I like and what I am.

To make it easier, I took note of three elements that NEED to be present in the mood board. These three elements are among the most common things present in most, if not all, my choices for almost anything.

1. Cute (or Pretty) Oddities
2. Japanese elements
3. Colors in My color scheme (I keep a palette which I refer to all the time)

I ended up making three mood boards, stopping at the third one because it was the one that felt Right, at least until its next evolution. The first two did not feel they were It yet. The first one had too many small elements; there are so many things that they look like the random thoughts partying in my brain.

A Colorful Festival of Random Cute Elements

It had all the things I like, mostly things which people who know me would say are "So Peachie." However, I was not satisfied because it looked like a messy shared cork board of cute, random stuff and I do not know where to look exactly. The colors I love are all there, but the Japanese and the Odd are not distinct and are having Way Too Much Group Hug in there.

So I decided to just use one specific background instead of several layers of varying colors and designs, and placed fewer small items.

A Slightly Tidied Desk of a Busy Teenager

It still did not come out right, as it just looked less messy, but still chaotic. But this time I realized I do want to include at least one or two of my own handmade items, to add more of the purple color too. I also realized that since the colors are all already there, I just need to assign where the Japanese and the Odd elements would go. So I decided to make the board have a Japanese feel to it, with the Oddities as main elements. 

Cute Oddities Wrapped in Japanese Elements

I also used bigger pieces and avoided layering them so much. Now, the Treedweller is more visible, and Kaonashi (Mr. No Face on the shelf) and Totoro (and his dust bunnies and vegetables) have more room to themselves. On the sides are more of the pretty, Japanese, and other odd elements. 

By doing this mood board, although it took me some time, I was finally able to put together various things that show my personal preferences and style, which I will then use as a reference to keep my blogs and various accounts consistent in terms of personality and character. I think this will also help me decide when choosing designs for anything else so that I am not scattered all over the place. So I think more people should make mood boards, especially those who have yet to find their personal style and how they can make their character emerge or be more visible, i.e. have a stronger presence and statement. Then, as everyone goes along, the mood boards can evolve too! (^^,)

(Looking at my mood board now, I think I will need to tweak some of my older mood boards for clothes and rooms in the house ^^U It's good though, because they're all getting clearer now ^_^)

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