Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Handmade Cards on a Repurposed.... Shinai XD

Before I run off and proceed with hand sewing patches for redesigned eco bags (yup we're making MORE eco bags because the last batch was SOLD OUT :D), I will just post a very quick update on the past couple of very, very busy and happily full days (^_^)

Green Flowers picked from a vintage pile of lace, ric rac, and fabric ribbons

The thought of making gift tags for selling got me out of bed on Monday morning. I had English tutorials with my student that afternoon so I needed to get started early so I could finish plenty before teaching. 

I'm not into gray stuff but this gray lace is quite pretty!

So early Monday morning... well, not too early because I took the time to exercise, do yoga, practice what my sempai taught me last Saturday, and have a leisurely breakfast (=^_^=)... okay after all that, I took out one of our small vintage tables (how apt XD) to the backyard with a small stool to make the most out of the nice weather and the natural day light. Then I took out rolls of ribbons, ric rac, and special paper, along with a jar of buttons and a tray of beads and sequins, and continued working on what I started Sunday night ~ handmade gift tags!

Some of our handmade gift tags (^_^)

As I worked the turtles kept me company, until I finished a total of 25 tags. I decided to stop at 25 so I could work on other items too. If we have more time later on, I can make small gift cards (those you can flip open) as another option to choose from apart from just the gift tags. I finished at exactly noon, and before I went in for lunch I pre-cut some ribbons and ric rac for the next pieces of tags when we work on them later on.

Pre cut ribbons - most of these pretty stuff were from a Japanese Surplus store at the bazaar in Rockwell Business Center

After lunch, as I waited for my student to arrive, and then again after he left, I disassembled, cleaned, and wrapped an old size 36 shinai (now I'm using 38, but for women's ~ it's actually among the items in my Christmas wish list so I will love you if I don't already if you gave me one hahaha) in pretty pieces of fabric... 

Pre-loved shinai made lovely with fabric

... repurposing it into a frame from which we can hang our handmade tags, cards, and redesigned gift envelopes (=^_^=)

I like the feel of the fabrics on them (^_^) By the way one of the fabrics I used looks like one of my tenugui but it's not :D Mine has blue dots and this one has purple, smaller ones (^^,)

I tied the ends of the staves with nice blue string to form a frame, and then used the same kind of string to tie on top for hanging the whole thing onto a wall, and then I tied rows of string across the frame from which the paper merchandise can hang. 

Money / Gift Envelopes Hanging Across a Repurposed Shinai/Frame :D

For the rest of the evening I filled up the rest of the frame with the 25 gift tags I made (the upper half being occupied by the money/gift envelopes), so that all are displayed and can be easily seen by shoppers :3 I was so pleased because our sewing and crafting corner suddenly looked like an actual store XD Anyway after working and chatting a bit with my mom, I went to sleep early because yesterday morning my sister and I went to the market to buy some fabric and other materials. Before leaving the house I had Omurice from Outer Space.

This omurice makes me think of an ALIEN. It must be an Outer Space Omurice. 

I think it's the eyes that did it. And that smile. That alieny smile. And, is that a tear drop? 

Anyway back to earth, after we came from the market, I took a photo of our new bazaar poster outside our gate. 

Bazaar this coming Friday and Monday! (*^_^*)

For the rest of the day, I worked on improving the display of the gift tags on the shinai-made frame, then proceeded to work on the new batch of eco bags (by the way this time we added eco bags in Large size, apart from the current Regular one). Will get back to them now, then redesign some shoes, this time for selling! XD So many people last time asked if our shoes were for sale, or if we will sell any like them XD So we got plain pairs and will redesign them, turning them into pretty pairs which we will also sell (^^,) Updates and photos next time~ :-*

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