Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our First Holiday Bazaar

Last Thursday, we had our first bazaar for our pretty, vintage, and handmade merchandise. As I mentioned in my previous post, the couple of weeks prior to the bazaar day have been so busy and almost sleepless. Anyway it was mostly fun because for the first time in my life I was able to work for several hours just crafting or sewing without having to worry about work because the same thing I enjoy doing is also my work (^_^)

Holiday Bazaar Poster

While my sister took care of inventory, schedule, purchase of materials, planning, price tags, and clothes selection, I did the paper crafting, the sewing and redesigning of clothes and bags, and helped out in pricing the merchandise. 

An apple pattern for one of the eco bags

Among the things I redesigned are eco bags - each bag has a unique design. The shapes were drawn by my sister since my drawings tend to be asymmetrical and the shapes might not be easily recognizable (^^U) Then I just used the shapes as my guide for cutting out the fabric :)

L-R: The apple (a favorite by my sister and our friend Em), the cupcake and coffee, the cat, the eggplant, and the flower

L-R: The layered heart, the carrot (another favorite by my sister, and also mine ^_^), and the two hearts

L-R: The strawberry (another favorite by my sister XD) and another flower design

We also redesigned some native bags - these we decided on and designed together. Here are a couple of designs we did and put up for sale in our bazaar:

Flower patches and lace patterns (^_^) 

Apart from the vintage and handmade items, there were Bargain Bins set up front for some garage sale regulars. 

Bargain Bins: 10, 30, 50, and 60 bucks for a good find!

One section of the bazaar that was frequented by many male shoppers was the area where we placed boxes of vintage records. 

Vintage Records (We only put out a number of boxes but there is definitely more where these came from!)

Female shoppers of course frequented the racks of pretty clothes - dresses, tops, and beautiful skirts!

So many pretty clothes!

So we spent all of Thursday selling (and buying food from vendors passing by XD) and cheerfully waving at passers by, inviting them to come visit our mini bazaar :D

Our bazaar poster, inviting more people to come in (^_^)

During the slower hours, my sister crocheted, while I took a pair of her brown shoes and started sewing something on them, like what I did to my own floral pair (^_^)

Sewing on a blue silk flower on my sister's brown shoe (My beautiful necklace is from Rose Citron, a store I absolutely love.) Please ignore the huge eye bags from almost sleepless nights.
Blue, orange, and green designs on otherwise super plain brown shoes. I used these colors because they are all in my sister's personal color scheme.  

While I sewed on the shoes, buyers kept asking if we were selling them (^^U) Maybe it would be a great idea to make more for selling (^_^) Anyway after I finished the now pretty pair of shoes, my sister was so excited to wear them. I was wearing my own pair of customized shoes so we took a photo of them (^_^)

Pretty Pairs of Shoes (^_^) 

Our second bazaar opening was this morning, from 9 am to 12 noon. We had to close shop by noon time because we had to attend a birthday party for one of my cousins. We also brought some of the merchandise to the party and a number of people bought some bags and dresses :) Some photos from this morning's bazaar will be shared in the next post/s. 

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