Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2: Favorite Animal

Day 2 of my drawing challenge now requires me to draw a favorite animal. I struggled between cats and turtles, but I felt more catty.... that relating to cats not the spiteful-catty XD And so a cat it is. (And a flavored one at that.)

The point is, it has my favorite animal. (And it is the presence of the Favorite Animal that matters.) 

Cats really take a rest in that sort of position. It is not a cat pretending to be human-like by resting his elbows on some invisible surface. I just had to say it because I also thought the same thing. And the longer I stare at him, the more he seems to "respond" with those eyes. I will now stop staring at him and seeing him become less cat-like.

And yes, it is a He. Feel free to name him and let me know so I can consult with him if he likes it.

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