Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 3: Tough Choice :3

It's "Favorite Food," the challenge said.

It made me think of Food in various forms. Food we eat. Food for thought. Food for the soul. Food for the animal in me. Rowr. 


So it's onigiri with tuna inside, not a triangle man with one-hell-of-a-goatee. 

Makes me think of the onigiri at the 711 beside Harbour Plaza

I just had chicken for lunch though, and later this afternoon it's gonna be spaghetti with LOADS of mushrooms :3 For Day 3 of the drawing challenge, I first thought of drawing a cupcake, but I only have cupcake moods, and then I thought about watermelon, then mugcake, then fish, but I might end up drawing a PET fish XD Then I remember I might never say no to onigiri *remembers Koji-san offering me a whole plate of huge purplish onigiri though I was bursty full* (^^U) 

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