Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 7: Late

Yup, I know, Day 7 is late. This was supposed to be posted yesterday (^^U) I DID make this yesterday, but I was no longer able to post it because when I got home in the evening after kendo (yup I went back to kendo after a 2-week absence), I was just dead tired and my body is begging me to put it to bed. 

"Maybe he forgot your HUT NUMBER..." (He's Just Not That Into You.)

Sometimes I think these posts are not just about WHAT I put onto paper, but How Odd they turn out to be. For Day 7 I am supposed to draw my Favorite Word. So as with any other subject, I draw the first thing (or one of the first things, or avalanche of things) that seems to make sense to me in my head which is connected to the supposed subject. Like with the Favorite Animal for Day 2, I immediately thought of a cat, but somehow that cat was chocolate-flavored in my mind. And so a choco cat it became. 

The thing is, I don't really have a Favorite Word, or like a Favorite Number which is one of the weirdest things ever asked of me. When I read Day 7's subject I was bombarded with hundreds of random words that elicit any kind of positive reaction from me. I found myself doing some kind of Free Association thing until I came to Hut Number. "Maybe he forgot your hut number..." (I'm not really a fan of the movie "He's Just Not That Into You," but that part about the hut number got stuck in my head and I hear it echoing in my brains whenever I catch myself or witness any other woman making excuses for why a guy has turned invisible or cold or inexplicably unresponsive.) 

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