Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drawing... OTL

As you can see, after Day 12 of the Drawing Challenge which I disastrously did, I was no longer able to move forward!!! (^^U) And so this is basically how I looked like last Friday night: OTL

One thing I realized though is that having stopped drawing for a long time really kind of left me dry. I still intend to continue with the themed series of drawings that I mentioned I think on Day 12, but I will just do everything at my own pace. I guess it's better for me to do it that way, as long as I try each day, or as often as I can.

Making collages is one other thing I used to do a lot before, but stopped doing ever since I got busy with office work years ago. I still managed to do it a few years into my corporate life, but as things got busier it also stopped.

A collage I made with my sister last year for our little shop of pretty, handmade, and vintage items

So I've been getting back to drawing and collage making. I always have a sketch book (and I rediscovered some watercolour paper when I clutter-cleared this afternoon) but I need to find more materials for my collages. To get started, I decided to reorganize and clean up all the cabinets in my room (they are built-in cabinets which make up an entire wall, or one side of my room). I made it a point to rearrange everything based on how often I use them so that everything I use daily and weekly are easily accessible and I can quickly find things when I need them. After I had taken all my things out, I came to thinking, "what if I just throw everything out the window and start anew?" XD I didn't realize I had so many things and accumulated so much of what I hardly use anyway.

Summer is such a pleasant time to clean up and reorganize because it feels like the sun is cheering me on and everything in my room has a nice glow on it. I closed the curtains for a while though because the sun was cheering Too Loudly (^^U) Here I have also temporarily emptied my vision board to place fresher goals and ideas.

Eventually I was able to group my things according to how often I needed them and placed them in their respective shelves/sections. In the process I rediscovered things that I realized I owned too many of, like pens and notebooks and erasers and correction pens and purses, not because I collected them really, but mainly because they were all over the place or not stored together so I would think I either have none or only have a few of them, and then buy more. At least now I have stocks of some things, and I won't need to buy them for quite some time. Then there are some items which I will either give away or just sell at our garage sale, especially those not in my color scheme or are just an excess.

Some sticky notes I have accumulated; I forgot I still have them! I've rarely used sticky notes since leaving my office job, but I kept buying them because I thought I'd just keep "one," unaware that there are others kept away in some small box in my room.  

I also rediscovered some books and old wish-notes and doodles of Certain Japanese Names XD Anyway I have gotten rid of those which are all about stagnant energies and old unhealthy patterns and Things I Would Rather Not Recall XD

Oh look, it's a book and a candle :D

I did my clutter-clearing not only to find materials and resources and rediscover things I apparently have, but I also did it to make space for new things and to take out anything I no longer need. Next in line would be my bookshelf, as my sister passed on some Japanese language books to me and I need to make space for them. I also realized that my bookshelf also contains loads of things which do not belong in it, and they have grown in number that I cannot even see the books behind them anymore. It should be fun though, cleaning up and getting rid of clutter and putting things in order.

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