Friday, April 6, 2012

GOOD Friday

As I did this morning's Morning Pages, I realized that Good Friday is my most favorite holiday, particularly if I choose to just spend it at home. Everyone is out of the country or out of town, so the streets are so quiet, the afternoons are so peaceful, and there is practically no one around. No vehicle noises, no children screaming outside (some of them randomly ringing doorbells in the neighborhood houses), and no postmen or solicitors ringing the doorbell. The day is sandwiched between two holidays so it does not feel "rushed" or too quick to enjoy. And unlike Christmas, it is a series of free days without the need to go shopping, prepare for dinner parties, and sit through reunions. So it's basically a holiday totally free from everything. Well at least for me. :D I don't mind the malls being closed, including the small businesses and food stores in the neighborhood, because I don't really get "bored" or agitated by the unusual "silence" of the surroundings. For once, I can quietly and peacefully go about the things I need to do. Just yesterday, I was able to accomplish so much more than I normally do (handcrafted bookmarks to be posted soon). And then of course there is Being Able to Read Peacefully and enjoy the weather in the backyard without anyone playing loud music from somewhere or office ladies passing by, talking / screaming at each other at the tops of their voices. It's so quiet it's total bliss. 

While everyone is someplace else...

I enjoy my solitude :D (Flamingoes have white eyes! I just noticed! Anyway these were the flamingoes in Kowloon Park. I used to want fake ones in my bedroom. And then I'd have fake grass. Yes, in my bedroom. But I never got around to it because I couldn't find fake flamingoes and fake grass carpet, until we moved out and my bedroom preferences changed. I AM still thinking about the flamingo-and-grass-combo though. Just occasionally. Hehe.)

The introvert in me :3 And the joy of unusually finding peace and silence while living in a normally busy and noisy city :D I guess it also helps that everyone's energies are in Relaxed Mode (like Rilakkuma) and that there is a mutual understanding among people Not To Disturb One Another XD

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