Sunday, April 1, 2012

Melted Chocolate

Today I posted the last of the Choco and Mint story, where Choco has melted :3 Posting everything from the old blog took longer than I expected, because there were days I was not able to post anything at all. Anyway it's all here now, and their story has ended (^_^) 

Choco and Minty Kisses! (Image and Recipe for this DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Gloss by  Jaclyn of Food Plus Words)

I still have other blog content to screen and move here though, and one of the older posts I came across and which also amused me was about some obsessive list of collected objects from Me & My Katamari. I'm so crazy about the game that after playing it for the nth time, I just had to check my collection list and blog about it XD 

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