Monday, May 28, 2012

Managing the Munchies

I spent most of last week working at my sister's house, and for some reason, being in her home makes me hungry more often than I normally get (^^U)

Cup Noodles with Shrimp. The pink daruma is astounded. 

When I would arrive in the morning, I'd bring some snacks like cup noodles and easy to cook chicken ramen and fruits and bread, but when we've gobbled up everything, I'd raid her fridge or I'd ask for sweets :3

Too-milky Milk Chocolate. Best eaten when Cold and Crunchy from the fridge :3

Just so you know, we allow for enough space between snacks. Otherwise the floors would crack and we'd end up in the basement parking :D 

Anyway, here is a new week, and I am kind of craving for turkey sandwiches and milky oatmeal. Speaking of milky, the milk chocolate above is not exactly something I would eat again because it is too milky in a way I do not like D: 

Have a great week ahead, everyone! (^___^) 

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