Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Out For A Run

After a long time of not running (apart from the super busy schedule, it had been raining so I could not go running in the morning), I was back in my running shoes today (^_^) 

On the way to the park early in the morning, listening to Taiyou by Asobi Seksu ~ how apt (*^_^*)

Being able to go for a run this morning means I was able to get to sleep early last night :3 Yesterday in the afternoon, I came home from my first job of the day for my tutorial, but it turns out my student was ill and could not make it. So I went out to the backyard instead to say hi to the turtles and show them I just brought them a new container of food. The whole time I've been busy with work outside the house, I have not been spending time with them, so I cheerfully showed them their supply. 

She says: Finally, regular food. All I had this morning were bananas. (Actually, I also gave her papaya but she probably forgot because it was a very tiny piece.)

Since I suddenly had extra time in my hands due to the absence of my student, I had a leisurely burger time with my parents in the dining room, then I proceeded to re-organizing our craft corner. Previously I just cleared away the mess, but this time, I completely separated our Materials from the Merchandise. The next step would be managing the inventory but that would be for next time. I think it would be best to put Everything in order first before I proceed to sewing and making and experimenting. Hopefully, I will have more craft-related posts soon. 

Buttons as cute as.... buttons. 

Because I was back home early I was able climb to bed before 9:30, which allowed me to get up in time for my run this morning (^_^) Tomorrow morning would be my 20-minute sun salutations, though. Unlike before when I 'd run daily, I now take extra care because I have occasional knee pains :T So I alternate the running with sun salutations, and I think I need to get new and better running shoes. 

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