Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tempting Tuesday

I KNOW. I have not been around for over a week, but before anything else I would like to share this long due post that was supposed to follow the ones about our Spider Sunday and Mermaid Monday :D I call it Tempting Tuesday because after we have checked out and while we were watching the sea, we briefly thought about extending until whenever :D Tempting as it was, we didn't, and we were back home by Tuesday night. 

From our suite balcony; that's about the area we would swim in, when the tides are high (That jutting rock would be completely immersed, and I would hold on to it to "rest.")

I woke up really early, eager to go for a swim, though the water would only start to rise around midmorning. So I spent some time reading and having coffee at the restaurant that overlooked the sea while I waited for my sister to wake up, and then we could have breakfast together. 

Mr Crab saying good morning (This is the part beneath the resort floors, near the area where I saw Ze Zee Znake.)

Eventually she came down and we ate, then we spent the rest of the morning swimming. By then the water has risen and it was safe to swim without having to step on the slippery rocks and sea grass at the bottom and possibly disturb striped creatures (^^U)

Around noon, we took a shower and packed our things, and checked out. 

And then since coming back from that vacation, things have been very busy (^^U) It is part of the reason why I had been away from my blog for so long. Starting this weekend, things are hopefully back to their normal pace again. 

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