Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Agent Lee, Artist Version

I was telling my sister:

I want my own Lincoln Lee, except that he won't be an FBI Agent, so that he won't be out there constantly at risk and hardly at home. So maybe it's going to be a Lincoln Lee who is probably a writer, so that he is home writing most of the time, or we would be reading together, or maybe he'd be a painter, or a sculptor, or anything along those lines XD

Ah, the crazy ideas that come to me sometimes.


Anyway, since there is no Lincoln Lee or a Last-Exit-associated nice decent man, Junko has decided to give all her love and attention to this generous serving of strawberry lassi. 

Stawberry Lassi from Cafe by the Ruins

Speaking of strawberries, I've been craving since last week for berries - strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries - in any form: fruit, ice cream, pie, beverage. Oh these are the times a Lincoln Lee (artist version) would be great to have so that someone can bring me berry pies and ice cream as I laze around at home on my rest day XD

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