Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Origami Designs

Making origami patterns like one piece-dresses, yukata, or hearts, among others, is quite fun and can make you feel productive. However, after making 10, 20, or even 30 dresses or several origami hearts in various shapes and sizes using different colors of paper, some pause and start wondering where everything they just cheerfully  made might end up. Unlike origami envelopes or message containers which have immediate, obvious uses, other patterns might require more creative ideas on how they can be put to good use. After all, they often look too pretty to be simply stored someplace. 

Yukata origami on a gift envelope

So that all those carefully and neatly folded finished origami will be put to good use instead of going to waste or gathering dust in some drawer or cabinet, you can use them to decorate different things with plain surfaces or covers: 

  1. Plain, lifeless envelopes (see above - I just added some printed circular patterns to add life)
  2. Blank cards or gift tags
  3. Notebooks and planners
  4. Folders and labels
  5. Blank frames (on the frame itself or within the frame)

You can also use them as additional decor for collages and mixed media artwork. Some origami patterns such as the popular cranes, butterflies, and moths can be used as part of a hanging decor. 

I used to do a lot of origami projects until I realized I had too many of them lying around or resting in boxes (^^U) So I decided to use them up in designing envelopes, cards, and bookmarks. Most of these have been sold, given away as gifts, and kept for my own use :3 

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