Monday, June 18, 2012

Road to Recovery

So far my mom has been showing signs of recovery although it is not as quick as we thought. It's a good sign though that she almost finished the meal I prepared for her during lunch. (Yup I am taking care of meal preparation and cleaning and feeding the pets and putting away the laundry I am actually playing mom to my parents omg :3 So far things are quite in order so I guess I'm doing fine. My other to dos are just kind of... mildly suffering.) 

We tell my mom to eat what we set before her so that she recovers faster and won't have to go back to the hospital anymore *horrorspital stories*

During the moments when I can actually sit down and find time to check things from my original to do list, I go back to re-organizing some Evernote notebooks. I am going through compiled notes of crafting and drawing ideas and identifying which ones I actually intend to do. I also write down ideas about how to modify them according to my personal (odd) style. 

Collecting crafting ideas = discovering so many ways to use mountains of fabric and craft supplies

My 16 hours are still mostly spent taking care of things around the house, but while it moves back other to dos to a later time, there is a quiet satisfaction from finishing chores and then retreating to my room afterward to do my own thing. I remember what I read one time about how day jobs or chores ground you and then you can go back to your own thoughts and your art with a refreshed perspective, and how they highlight the pleasurable experience of retreating to your own world, especially after you have efficiently done productive tasks which help others or keep your connection to them. 


  1. I hope your mom is better na. Like you, I'm starting to dislike hospitals, too. :(

  2. Hi! She's much better na; just finishing up her medications na lang. Hindi ko pa naman dislike ang hospitals pero sya nagkakaron na ng aversion sa place hahaha.


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