Saturday, June 9, 2012

Slicing Up My 16-Hour Pie

And so I am kinda ill T_T

Have not been feeling well since yesterday morning when I woke up. My throat hurts and my back felt tired and sore. Towards the evening, I started having more feverish symptoms so I decided to take some medicine. (Which reminds me it is time to take one now :3 *takes medicine*)

I also had this weird symptom when I woke up yesterday of being shaky and Extremely Anxious. Eventually of course I figured out what I had to do, which sort of helped me calm down. I had to redo the way I do things each day. So with shaky hands and sore throat and occasional dizziness, I took out my notebook and pens and started rethinking and making experimental plots (wow omg) on paper on how I can maximize the hours in my day. 

I have been drinking loads of water each day so my coffee intake has decreased remarkably. (That's just a phone strap by the way, I will not survive with coffee that tineh! :D)

It is not that I am not able to maximize my hours. It is more like too much time goes to work or errands or chores or preparations needed prior to each Must-Do, that I barely have time anymore for other things that I Want to Do each day even for just half an hour. And lately, having read so much about doing what you want, managing your to-dos, and balancing your day so that you have time for some leisure, exercise, reading, etc., the more I noticed that the things not ticked off my to do list are the ones I would rather do if I didn't need to spend a lot of time preparing for, going to, and doing work. And then there is also the matter of Procrastination, snippets of evil inserted in between to-dos. 

So I spent the whole morning yesterday figuring out how to maximize my hours and having a Reasonable Length of to dos. I tried different ways and combinations and order of doing things, but I found I always had to either leave one out, but I didn't want to. And of course I had to eat so I redid the experimental daily schedule for the nth time when I realized I totally unknowingly removed all meal times XD 

In a nutshell, I came down to really carefully slicing my 16-hour pie. Sixteen hours should be enough, if not plenty of time. I immediately sliced off eight hours which should go to a complete and restful nighttime sleep. I think having enough sleep will contribute greatly to overall health and Productivity. In the event that I slept for only six or seven hours, then that immediately converts to additional slices to my 16-hour pie. However, sleeping-less-so-that-I-get-more-waking-hours should not be the goal, because I already have 16 hours to gobble up. (I always try to think that 16 hours is enough, and not way too short and quick as I have always felt.)

From those 16 hours, I first set aside the hours that should go to work, and then to exercise, and Morning Pages, and kendo, and everything else. Each day had its own set of jobs and schedules so I can adjust depending on what has to be done for any specific day, but at least I have a good idea of how much time actually goes to which. As I did this, I realized a lot of time actually goes to meals and baths and getting dressed and putting away things, so that even if you only had like, ten things in your to dos, it seems time is moving too fast, but it's really because of all these Other Things you need to do on the side. 

In any case, I had to make everything fit inside one day, or in my case, 16 hours. I had to make adjustments with some items, like alternating drawing and crafting each day rather than trying to squeeze in both of them into one day. I had to adjust my Japanese study materials so that I still get to use them, though not on specifically assigned days as before, wherein I would often skip some anyway. I also had to really time exercises and yoga so that my morning does not pass me by when I unintentionally fall asleep during Corpse Pose. Basically my daily schedule became sort of tight, but I have already factored in the hours that go to the in-betweens of tasks, and I rounded most of them off to chunks of 30 minutes or to hours, so it should not be crazy-tight. I also made sure there is about half an hour to an hour of reading before bedtime. 

So that I don't feel harassed about having this kind of schedule six days a week, I decided to make my one rest day completely free of scheduled to dos. Until this week, my rest day still has its first part filled with a few must-dos, but I guess I just really had to maximize my other days so that I can fully enjoy a Do-Nothing-Day. 

Today is the first day with this New Somewhat-Tighter-But-Suppsed-to-Be-More-Efficient Way of going about with my to dos, and the only reason I can write a blog post this long explaining it is that I woke up less than a couple of hours earlier than my supposed wakeup time (sunrise), which means I've had plenty of time to do and check my first to dos :D Otherwise, if I woke up at sunrise as planned, at this hour, I should be having my breakfast (which I already had an hour ago :D *slightly smug look*) and might not have this much time for writing a long post. I think with the New Somewhat-Tighter-But-Suppsed-to-Be-More-Efficient Way of going about with my to dos, I can still have time for long blog posts, but only if I finish tasks at a shorter time than planned, or I wake up earlier, or I suddenly find some free time in my hands. I'm sure that later on, I will find a way to work that out better too. For now, my currently New Somewhat-Tighter-But-Suppsed-to-Be-More-Efficient Way of going about with my to dos should do great. 

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