Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Smells Like... Fruit Candy (and other Blog Scents)

My blog. It smells like fruit candy. Like Tropical Flavor Skittles or something like that. 

It would, if blogs had smells. 

Smells like strawberry-scented erasers and children's pretend lipsticks 

Yesterday I felt like taking a picture of some of the pink and purple items that I have just lying around, and looking at their entirety now, I start to smell strawberry-scented erasers and those way-too-red or way-too-pink pretend lipsticks that come with beauty-parlor-gift-sets or Barbie-makeup-kits for kids. 

I think these blogs or digital images having a Scent is just like people looking like certain types of fruit or wild animals having certain quotes showing in their faces. 

Anyway I decided to randomly look at five of the blogs I follow, and sniff out their scents, at least based on what I think. Or smell.

decor8blog - like a well-lit upscale shop where the temperature is always perfectly cool, and everyone who shops in it are perfectly well-dressed

Herbert and Friends - like the smell of a brand new store with wooden walls painted white, mixed with a hint of scented stationery 

The Black Apple - like a pot of freshly brewed flower tea, with a hint of cinnamon

The Purl Bee - like fresh fruit juice and freshly baked bread or fruit pie

Baul Abuela - like black coffee, with hints of dark chocolate somewhere... perhaps someone who ate loads just passed by...? 

And yes I know that the last blog on the list is so distinct from the others, but I do follow it because I like looking at the images. 

By the way my sister's blog smells like vanilla cake. 

Mmmm vanilla cake. 


  1. awww... I have to agree, your blog smells like pink strawberries and purple ribbons. :)i don't know what my blog smells like though. you have to give me your opinion on that, Peach. hmm...Jen's blog smells of the beach, sandy, salty and fruity sweet.

  2. I can't access your profile/blog bat ganun :(


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