Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten Tags

I have been trying to figure out the best way to limit my tags / topic categories in the blog so that I do not end up with like 5 million tags which I forget to select anyway so that there are about 3 million of them with only one relevant post. I also want to limit my tags / topic categories because I think it will also help narrow down what my blog is about - what one can mostly find in here. Of course they are bits and pieces of things from my life but no one would really want to read about what I had this morning or how cute I think my crush is, like everyday in every post, so I rarely write about them, and to make that clear (thus make the blog more relevant to readers) I decided to just have ten tags (oh a huge jump from three million) which you can soon (Soon, like later - but days from now you can already find it there. Wow it's like talking to people now AND later. My selves are busy.) find on the sidebar under "10 Things to Love in This Blog." (By the way I know that this post will be totally irrelevant when I make other changes in the future but by then this would be a really old post :D Well at least for now and for a long while I hope it will be relevant because the changes I intend to make are long-term so that things will be in order and will make much more sense.)

The "Crafts" tag covers everything handcrafted, sewing, DIY, origami, paper craft, repurposed, redesigned, among other things. Witchcraft would be under this category too if I were still in my college years. And in these posts you will find pictures of charming boys with hearts and mean girls with pins. I am kidding about the last part of course. What were you thinking? :3 

Is it obvious I am in lost and floating in some kind of Blog Bubble omg. It is like a midlife-crisis-blog-version.

This whole midlife-crisis-blog-version has been in my head but it started springing into life in one of my conversations with my sister at her place. Sometimes, Mogget keeps my shoes hostage so that I cannot go home. 

So when asked, oh what is your blog about? Oh it's all about these ten things *takes a swig of wine and appears breezy* (And all the men in their tux stare in awe. Yup, that'll happen.) 

I actually wanted it to just narrow down to five things but I will lose all my hair figuring out which ONES to select so ten should be fine. Besides these are TAGS we are talking about, not To Dos, so ten should really be better than just five. Long enough for me to keep my hair and my sanity, and short enough to clearly show what I have to share in this blog. 

Gelatin made with milk. My sister made them. You will find more food posts under the Food category. (That sounded a bit like the categories in Me & My Katamari.)

Although some horror movie background music plays in my head because I will have to go back to all previous posts and properly tag them, a part of me is cheering at the obsessive compulsion of it, because things will be In Order. *squirms in straitjacket* 

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