Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Gets You Out of Bed? (Other than the cat. Or the kids.)

The other day was my self declared rest day (I work Sundays too) and apart from obsessive-compulsively organizing my blog tags, I was able to do pretty much of the things I've been wanting to do on regular days but couldn't due to the current load of urgent work. On that day too I promised my mom I would take care of the afternoon's mac and cheese, since I've been away a lot during my working days, so I guess being more visible around the house is kind of comforting for them.

Somebody's excited about all that cheese. 

As with most rest days, I would get a bit agitated towards the evenings because a part of me knows that the next day means back to work, but at the same time an even greater part of me is eager to move forward and get things done, so whenever I go to sleep on the night of my rest day, it always feels like the next day is going to be the first day at school and I can have a fresh start, or sometimes, like it's another chance for me to do things better the "second time" around. 

On the next morning of course, a huge chunk of that promising feeling would still be asleep and sometimes I suspect it all turns into this giant adhesive that grows on my skin so that I couldn't get out of bed. 

In any case, I was able to get up yesterday, with the thought of Finishing a Significant Amount of Work pulling me out of bed. Really, it got me out of bed. Sometimes actually, on other days, odd, random things make me get out of bed, like the Thought of Going to Japan (like if I get up and get started early, I can finish a lot of work and earn more and save up for Japan), the Thought of Spending a Whole Day Playing Games (like if I finish a lot of work I can give myself a whole day reward of playing any PS3 game), the Thought of Shopping, the Thought of Reading All My Books, or sometimes, I am just really eager to get out of the house and run in the park. (Which makes me think - what made me get out of bed this morning? *tries to remember* Oh. The Thought of Losing Weight XD It made me get out of bed and exercise. So what makes YOU get out of bed?)

So eventually I was out of the house and walking to my sister's place to work, and before I started she gave me a (non-occasion) present (^_^)

My sister gave me a nice pen, with two and a half bottles of ink thrown in :3

The fountain pen I am currently using was given to me by my dad a long time ago so it's kind of old, and I am using turquoise ink. I've been wanting that auburn one and she also gave it to me along with an unopened bottle of indigo, when she gave me a nice new green fountain pen. ありがとう!!! (^___^) 

Today, I intend to finish more work than I did yesterday :3 Sometimes, working with my sister entails snippets of conversations that occasionally lead to lengthy ones which we later on regret (^^U) But today I intend to finish a lot more than I did yesterday :D Oftentimes, whatever gets me out of bed in the morning motivates me throughout the day, even if it is something that is totally not connected to the work I need to do nor its outcome, but it somehow works (weird). Maybe it is all about the idea of getting work done and being able to move to doing things I really want or working on things that will yield some desired result or the fulfillment of more personal goals. So maybe whatever it is that inspires you to get up in the morning becomes your sort of secret pill throughout the day that will boost your energy and keep you going. 

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