Monday, July 30, 2012

A Swim Through My Thoughts

A quick swim across my thoughts:

1. I just ate cake with my mom and I am happy. 

2. I know I said in a previous post that I would be posting more of my colored drawings "in the next few days," and it's been a week and I am just posting the second one here. 

3. I want to travel to Hong Kong and create new and better memories than from the last couple of times I was there (last October and February). 

4. It would be nice to have a date with someone I like in this kind of weather. 

5. If I were to cut my now waist-long hair, I would make it like Spencer Reid's hair on the earlier episodes of Criminal Minds. 

6. I want Derwent INKtense blocks. 

Fish. Also posted in my Doodles page. Swam through my thoughts and now resides on this paper.

7. Why am I so tense?

8. I think that chocolate and mocha cake did me good. 

9. I wonder if I will see a certain tall man ever again. 

10. I want to go shopping for some makeup. Not in unholy amounts of course. Just the exact ones I can use. I don't hoard makeup. 

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