Monday, July 23, 2012

Clothes, Cleanliness, Curiosity: Part 1

Part 1: Clothes

After re-organizing the vintage LPs and reposting them in my Facebook and this blog, I moved on to re-organizing and taking pictures of some of the clothes we have on stock. I actually love some of the pieces, but they either do not fit me well or do not blend in with my wardrobe color scheme. (^^U) So it is better for me to let them go so that others may buy and wear them :D

This top makes me think of a Korean dress I saw way back   


Soft, comfortable dress

I am not finished yet, though, there is still so many to go through! I am loving it however, and I wish I had one of those torso-mannequins to put the pretty clothes on to. I hope I find one soon, so all the clothes would look better and more attractive in the pictures. Anyway more of these clothing pieces when I get back to working on their inventory (^_^) Next up, some attempts at artwork again :")

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