Monday, July 23, 2012

Clothes, Cleanliness, Curiosity: Part 2

Part 2: Cleanliness

I did not do any general cleaning XD Well I did, but that was early last week, and I do not really talk much about it because I go into some kind of trance when I do any major cleaning and when I come out of it I barely remember anything and just magically find everything very clean. So, no, it's not That kind of cleanliness. 

It's just that last Friday, as my weekday student toiled away at the very long quiz I prepared for him, I decided to revisit my old pencil sketches and color them. Actually, even before my student came I have been coloring the afternoon away. So as he answered his quiz, I colored some sketches. First off was something called Clean, Godly, hence the title of part 2. 

Also posted in my Art page, replacing the older version without the color

This piece became the title of the second part of this series of posts because it took me forever to debate with my other selves on whether to even bother to share these colored drawings (this one and the others in the posts for the next few days). In the end I did, because it is all part of my practice and hopefully I improve someday XD 

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