Monday, July 2, 2012

Funky Grocery Bags

With the increasing practice of using paper bags in supermarkets and encouraging shoppers to bring their own shopping bags, we now get to see different kinds of these being carried around by people in the stores. Supermarkets and malls also sell their own versions of these eco-friendly bags, and then of course, YOU can make your OWN version(s) :D 

A red-apple-eco-bag for fruit purchases :3

This small-sized eco bag has a hand-sewn red apple design on it, the design made from scrap fabric. We've sold this one and we only have a few eco bags on stock, but it would be twice as fun and exciting to make your own too!  The idea is not just to make your own shopping bags prettier or more colorful; you can also choose and make designs that will mark which shopping bags go to which category of purchases. For example, this adorable red apple eco bag can contain all fruit purchases from the supermarket, or maybe it can "represent" all fresh produce. 

We also had carrot and eggplant designs before so maybe you can create a design of layered green fabric to make a lettuce - for a separate shopping bag for vegetables. Then perhaps you can create a milk carton design for dairy products or a fish (or steak) design for purchases of fresh fish (or meat). This way, you can have really cool eco friendly shopping bags while keeping your grocery items stored in their respective bags for easier organization and storage. (I know, it all sounds OC, but it will make grocery shopping and storing much easier! You will also prevent placing your fresh meat in the same bag where the detergent was placed last time, or vice versa. Oh, which reminds me, you can create a washing machine design for purchased detergent and cleansers! Or maybe a shirt hanging to dry on a clothesline with clothespins. Loads of ideas, really. And of course it's all quite fun ^_^)

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