Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Merry Music and Merchandise

After I designed our little notebooks last week, things got busier than usual ~ I decided to take out all the vintage LPs still in the house, and instead of inviting people over to take a look at them, I took pictures of all of them and posted them on my Facebook wall so people could more easily go through them and make reservations before they come over to pick them up. 

Some of the vintage LPs

While some people left me messages about which they want reserved for them, one of them actually came over to take a look and purchase some of them (^_^)

Aya meets the turtles for the first time :3 

It was Aya who came over to check out the LPs - she is quite into them and knows her stuff. She has been to the house before but it was her first time to meet the turtles when she came last Sunday to pick her LPs. They seem quite fond of her too XD

Perfect  fit (^_^)

When she came the first time, she bought a couple of really cute dresses from us and they fit her PERFECTLY. She is wearing them in both photos above. My mom was so amused by how pretty she looked when she came last Sunday wearing the orange dress (^_^) As for the second dress that my blog wore to welcome July, Aya saw my post and loved the dress immediately, so when she came over she tried it on right away and bought it XD 

Then, yesterday, in between tasks, I started playing Animal Crossing: Wild World again. Since I have not visited by AC town since forever, I decided to erase the existing town and re-start everything. It was so pleasant arriving in a new town again and meeting everyone. I named my town Booktown and my first character is a girl named Mio. One of my first neighbors is Anchovy, and he claims to be better at kendo and eating than anybody. I will give him the kendo part, but I am sure I can beat him at the eating part XD

I want to see Anchovy wearing his bogu. That is one big men and very small kote and do. :D

In the evening, after my last job for the day, I spontaneously decided to go to my sister's place for dinner and some of Skyrim. Before that though, we talked while listening to some of her own vintage records, pretty much like Isabella, Henley, and Milla of Herbert and Friends!!! It's really funny because I was about to write this blog post and then I came across Torunn's post so it was like, so apt to share it here :D 

So anyway after we listened to the music I decided that I will also buy myself my own turntable and pick some LPs from our own merchandise XD 

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