Monday, August 27, 2012

A Sign with Butterfly Wings

Better a sign than an Immediate bullet, right? XD

Yesterday's frenzy was remarkably lessened by writing it all out and searching for the pictures in my many, many folders. By late afternoon I only had small bursts of giddiness, and by evening I was very, very sleepy as though I searched far and wide for some possibility XD (Actually a part of me wondered what all that Inspiration post was all about apart from being some kind of Release. I guess it could be a general map for anyone who might be frenzied in the same way as I was/am, and it can be a reminder that could help in grounding that person. Somehow. Anyway...) 

When I slept, no more maddening dreams XD (Oh, I never mentioned. The other night, this frenzy began its party as I slept, unsuspecting.)

And I was actually able to wake up at 5 am to go for an early morning run (^___^) (As I ran though, snippets of overwhelming images would flash through my mind. Great.)

And now, so far, my day has been quite under the more productive kind of inspiration which means I was able to jump into The Other Ship (see frenzy link above). All To Do's from this morning until now have check marks next to them, and I will be moving onto my translation job at 5 pm. *smug*

The overwhelming bursts are much more bearable now, most of the time. (Okay, fine, they, and this Impossibility I kept babbling about in the previous post, are all about this sudden uncontrollable outburst - or inburst? XD - because it's all bottled up inside XD of something which I cannot do anything about except wait for this exhilarating-slash-tormenting phase to pass me by. )

And so anyway, as I watered the plants earlier this afternoon, and I was thinking about it (just as I have been thinking about it since it sneaked upon me as I slept unsuspectingly during the weekend), I found this beautiful thing.

Caught up in the moment :D

And at first I was like, :O sign! But knowing how SELECTIVE I can be about these things called signs, the next immediate thing in my head was more like: 

Ah, the possibility. 

Beautiful, yes. 

But, fleeting. 

Okay. You win. 


So I just took their picture and moved on :D Well. 

(Okay that is the last of it XD I will have this ship sail forward faster so I can get more important things done without being Too Frenzied.)

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