Tuesday, August 7, 2012


One of my mom's cousins, who is also my godfather, came to Manila to bring his father (our granduncle) home, because he prefers to stay here. My godfather was only here for a short while and then he needed to get back to the US. So while he was here, he met up with relatives and friends. Fortunately, my mom, my sister, and I were still able to squeeze ourselves into his tight schedule :D We went last week, exactly on my mom's birthday :)

I think I last saw him when I was a.... CHILD :D

We have not seen our granduncle for a long time too except in Facebook pictures, so we decided to visit them in their home so we could say hi to him. This meant going back to our hometown and walking the streets where my sister and I grew up. (The same street led to where our old home used to be.)

Is it just me, or is the doll in the blue gingham is kind of... curious?

In fact, as children, my sister and I spent a lot of time in their house whenever our parents would go out on their dates. Our aunts would take out the toys and miniature chocolate magnets and time would fly by until our parents came to pick us up. Many of those toys are still with them, kept in these glass cabinets with these really old dolls. It was all kind of nostalgic, really. 

Yes, it's a different doll :D This one is wearing a pink gingham dress. It is NOT the same doll looking at you in a DIFFERENT way :D Well, maybe in the picture it is quite obvious they are different, but when we were there, for a while we felt like she was Always Looking at us.

The house also looked pretty much the same, and we remembered lots of the details from when we were kids. I wanted to check out the backyard to see if the swings and see-saws were still there (I am not sure if there was a slide, I think there was) but I don't think there was anything there anymore. Besides, it was starting to rain again so we had to say our goodbyes and let them have their breakfast in peace :D 

It was nice seeing them again after a long time, and it is even nicer to see them well and happy ^_^

We then walked to our grandmother's home to visit her, and on the way we dropped by the home of two other grandaunts, one of them recovering from a double fracture on her left foot. As for my grandmother, she was so pleased to see us there so suddenly, and she made us eat cake before sending us off :3

My sister and I feel lucky to be as old as we are and still have our grandmother as well as some granduncles and grandaunts around, and still be able to talk to them and take our turn in being the ones to tell them our stories. It is great to have the chance to be old enough to show them our appreciation for them and to give back what we can for as long as they are still around. 

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