Friday, August 17, 2012

Munching and Chewing

Oh yes, they are among my hobbies XD

Milky cracker that kept me company while I did my translation job yesterday

And I especially love Munching and Chewing on Japanese snacks and sweets (*^___^*) I remember when my sister and I would have them for breakfast before classes :3

Matcha and Adzuki Caramels from my student who just came back from Japan (^_^)

So while I did my translation job yesterday, I was munching on some milky Japanese crackers, and today, my student and I shared some chewy caramels with matcha and red bean flavors (*^___^*) He just came from Japan and brought the caramels when he came to the house today :3 The crackers were from my mom's friend who goes to Japan every now and then :)

Chewy red bean and matcha flavored caramels 

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