Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Experimental Pouch

After creating a Pear Purse for the first time, I have not tried making something similar again for fear that I might mess up and end with about 900 more deformed creations XD

Besides, I have been quite busy (or perhaps chosen to be busy than risk making Sort-Of purses and bags) and have been reopening old dusty sketchbooks to face my drawing and painting issues XD (I have resolved that with practice, I will get there, eventually...) 

So anyway several weeks ago I tried creating a small purse from scratch, following a pattern I put together in my head, and then after the initial trial, the unfinished purse lay neglected by the sewing machine for an eternity, until I decided to pick it up again yesterday and try to finish it. 

The Experimental Pouch

Despite the uneven parts and the "rushed" quality, I am still glad I was able to make Something That Can Actually Be Used XD I think it looks pretty acceptable, though Thou Shalt Not Dare Look Inside XD 

Trying out The Happy Pouch :3

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