Friday, September 21, 2012

First Bag :3

I made my first bag :D

Bag of Kitties and Strawberries

As with the experimental pouch, I did not use any specific pattern, but just followed how I imagined the simplest pouch or bag would be put together. I am more after the feeling of Just Making Something as well as practicing with my sewing machine use since I had not used it nor practiced for a long time. 

This bag has no zipper or clasp, and I just wanted to make something like my sister's bag which was recycled from old cloth sacks. Just cotton fabric, and something easy to fold or carry around as a spare bag for anything. I also wanted a perfect size - something small but wide enough to contain some of the books I frequently bring with me or reread. The length is also perfect - it's easy to sling onto my shoulder and it stops just at my hip (^_^)

I used one of my favorite fabrics, and then I just grabbed some plain ones for the lining. I decided to put a pocket for small items and to add "character" to the bag XD I proudly showed off my first bag to my mom and my sister, although it still has some rough edges (^^U) Not bad though, for a first XD At least it is something actually usable :3

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