Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fuel for Productivity

Yesterday and today came and went so quickly! it was mostly fun though (^_^) And PRODUCTIVE :3 

I decided to make the couple of compulsions I mentioned the other day add up to Top 5 compulsions I should avoid starting yesterday until forever (or until this "spell" is broken), and so far I have been successful. 

1. No odd, random messages that are pretty much like tugging someone's sleeve while he is being all grown up and the virtual tugging is not really supposed to do anything important except catch his attention

2. No writing of kanji nicknames on my hand as fake tattoos

And then I added


I forgot. 

Oh I remember XD

3. No more "loitering" around his page 20 million times a day (oohhh shamelessly XD)

4. No more of doing certain things simply because I Couldn't Stay Away 

5. So I have to: Control all frenzied aspects of myself when he is around. Or close by. Or Very Near. 

As mentioned, I need to use all these urges and anxiety as fuel to being productive and not causing trouble to myself and anyone :D So I busied myself with work yesterday with occasional naps, and then in the evening I went to kendo. Then I had my sister sleep over so we ate and watched until late at night, and then today we went to the international book fair. I just got myself an art book which I felt I needed as my guide for a certain style I have been trying to create. I also found this very interesting book on a complete beginner's course in the Vietnamese language that also focuses on everyday phrases and conversations, but the book costs around 3,000 pesos, which is way over my budget for ONE book, so I decided to let it go. Sniff. 

Most of the day was still quite fun though because for a change, I had absolutely no plans for the day and I was out with my family, and I saw so many nice books. We also had lunch together and both my parents were in high spirits so we all had fun (^_^)  

Moving forward, I think I am being Good for resisting the compulsions and will do my best to continue it *determined face* Besides, I have a number of unfinished pieces and a few new ones I need to put down onto paper. (Actually I have finished the first one but I have not looked at it again since :3) I also have a number of books lined up for me to read and finish.

Illusion, unfinished

Makes me feel like it's hard to fly XD

August doodles

PS. It is not that I am avoiding him like the plague. It is more of me making sure that as life goes on quite normally with him around, I don't get carried away by these feelings that are Just Suddenly There. 

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