Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pretty Dress

My sister and I like making lists, and one of the lists that I have is a Tiny Wish List (^___^) I got the idea from her, but while she has a longer wish list in a cute little notebook, I made mine TINY. Just five items off the top of my head at the time I'd written the list, that I surely like. And then as each wish gets fulfilled, I cross it out, until I have gotten all five. And then I make another wish list :3 The idea is to look forward to something that you wish for and invite it into your life! :)

In my first list, one of the items was a pretty dress. Then, the other day, as I was walking by my parents' bedroom, I saw my mom holding up one of the dresses she has on sale, and I liked it so much that I tried it on and bought it XD And so I have checked one of the items in my Tiny Wish List. 

Speaking of pretty dresses, I just added this image to my Artwork page. It has pretty dresses on them that I would also like (*^_^*) I made this when I wanted a pair of eyeglasses so badly and I ended up drawing other things instead. 

Brought about by a pair of wished-for eyeglasses

I remember one time (it was my birthday actually!) when I was told by someone who calls himself a friend that I was "too old" for making wishes. I don't think anyone is too old for wishes. Or any lady to be too old for pretty dresses. Or even grown men to be too old for believing in wishes. 

And so I will wear my dress and make a wish for today! :3 

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