Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Triad To Live By

I was talking to someone who is in a huge financial crisis, and many times in the past, just when she thought there was nothing, something always, always comes by, in the form of a project, a discount, a freebie, a gift, and sometimes, in the form of the Exact Thing which she needed. 

This time, she said, it's different. This time she does not see how any form of Goodness or Help can come along. She has exhausted all her resources and cannot see anything that just might suddenly become a way to resolve her financial problem. 

But then again I told her that we all say that. We all say, this time it's different. This time there would be no miracle. I was just lucky back then. This time, this is it, I can only prepare for the plunge. There is no hope. During these times, we always think, it's different this time. And we somehow refuse to see how it has all worked out in the past, one way or another. The fact that we are still all here now means we have managed whatever happened to us in the past. We were able to successfully get through it. We suddenly had an inspiration, or a renewed strength, or unexpected help, a chance encounter, anything that could have triggered the resolution or the answers or the thing we were seeking out. But somehow, when a new difficulty or challenge arises, we either "forget" those or refuse to believe that whatever we need at any point shall be provided to us at the exact moment when we should have it, not a moment sooner, not a moment later. 

No, this time it's really different. There is nothing. That's what she said a few days ago. 

Then today, Something came up, and suddenly, what she needs exactly is being handed to her. Just at the right time. 

So she said, just when I thought there was nothing, suddenly, there is Something! 

And I said:

Didn't I tell you to look back
and see that it has always been the case?
It's just you who's saying, no, it's different this time,
which everyone says too.
We always think,
no, it IS different this time.
There's no more good this time

She said, no, really, it's different this time. Back then, I had some kind of fallback or last resort. This time, there really was nothing.

So I said: 

It's not just a literal difference, or a difference in appearances.
If you look at it that way,
you are only looking at "goodness"
as the "goodness" according to what you see in your mind.
It's when people say "God is good" only when things go according to their plan,
according to the "goodness" they see in their minds. 
Hence when things don't go their way, suddenly God does not seem to hear them. 
But then it is not really the case.
Because what you think is good
may either be Not So Good after all
or not exactly It yet, because
something better is in store for you.
It's really all about faith and doing what you can each day,
and by doing what you can each day,
it's not about hoarding all the work of one week
in one day.
There still has to be balance.
Work and play.
In essence, the perfect triad you should live by
is that of
Work and Play and Faith,
all in a circle,
orbiting your entire self. 
You do what you can by working enough (not too much).
You play to balance it out.
And all the while you work and play in faith.
And it makes sense because when you work with faith, you don't overwork and you don't give up playing.
You Just Do what you can in the time given to you.
When you play in faith,
you don't play while worrying about work
or play with guilt that you should be working instead. 
So basically it's a triad we should remember to live by 
especially when we feel like we are scrambling at nothing 
after doing what we can. 
We have to remember how it has always worked out before
and how we received support for all our efforts 
at the exact moment we needed it. 

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