Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catching Up

I have begun coloring some old sketches again, and I have updated my Artwork Page with some additional pieces, some of which were from 2011, and some were drawn around the same time or earlier, but were colored this year. 

The Sandwalker

This is my favorite one from the bunch I recently uploaded, a pencil drawing from 2011, although I think it only started looking interesting after I added the Crackle & Ooze texture from the new Zombies theme of PicMonkey :D Still, I like how the whole image came out. 

I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts, and I was feeling unusually lethargic the whole day. I did not have my tutorial job today since my student is ill, and in the end I decided not to go to kendo as well. I do not know if it's the stormy weather or the fact that I have not had enough sleep since Friday night, but today I mostly felt like Wanting To Sleep For Days. 

I hope that by tomorrow I would feel much more "normal," especially after having slept in today and taking another nap some time before noon. 

In other news, I realize that I have already gotten over some beautiful Vietnamese man for quite some time, and that I am starting to lose an (unhealthy) interest in some guy I had recently obsessed about (omg) and made me go through all these crazy compulsions :D The latter (the Losing Interest part, not the Crazy Compulsions :D) just happened naturally, with a mild nudge sudden rough push, blatantly labeled "Baby," which then perpetuates the condition that I will always be "just another guy" because I am Not Girly Enough, I don't Sound Girly Enough, I don't Need Taking Care Of, and I don't have all These Girly Quirks (actually I do, I just don't bother everyone around me all the time about them). 

Omg, suddenly I am Angry And Talking In Riddles :D Fine, basically, I am relieved from a Wanting Phase and it was most probably triggered by him saying something I didn't like. And what he said was something that oftentimes places some person in a Special Bubble of Special Treatment, and so suddenly I am expected to be one of them guys who provide the Special Treatment for that person, simply because I am not quite girly or frilly (or fussy) enough. And it has happened so many times before, even with other sets of then-friends. And him saying that just kind of turned me off completely. I mean, I'm not Mad or anything, just Turned Off and Suddenly Exhausted.

Besides, anything with that guy is a Dead End anyway so it is a relief my obsessing about it is over :)

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