Friday, October 26, 2012

Niku-eating Nosferatese Impish Girl

Moshi Koshi opened their new restaurant in Market! Market! recently, and my sister and I went yesterday for a late lunch. When we ate at their restaurant along Shaw Boulevard, I had their shoyu ramen, and this time (after several minutes of deliberation which one to pick since I wanted to have five of everything - Biskit* mode), I chose the niku udon. It was perfect, especially since it was quite a rainy day yesterday.

A Bowl of Happiness

The niku udon was a perfect comfort food that came in a very generous serving; my sister and I ordered the same thing. She had kani salad on the side while I made space for green tea ice cream.

The matcha flavor haunted me until late in the evening :3 I keep wanting to have more. 

We had a really pleasant time (^_^) Prior to that though, I decided to (no, not die like Veronika) be somewhat creepy (or creepier than usual) and so I turned a recently taken picture of mine into a cracked, Nosferatu-themed oddface with a smile that implies wicked thoughts lurking behind the mischievous eyes. And THEN I left the house.  

in a Dia delos Muertos mood

Of course I looked much saner (and safer) when we went to Moshi Koshi and I had really good niku not niku from fallen victims :D  

*Biskit - An adorable Animal Crossing: Wild World dog character who gets so hungry he exclaims "I want five of everything!"

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