Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh Hello October

*stares at October in the eye*


It's October already! I have begun buying some ingredients for some homemade gifts I intend to give some people on Christmas. (^_^)

We're already at the last quarter of the year and so many has happened. I mean yeah it's natural for things to happen XD But I mean many big things and shifts have taken place, which I believe greatly influence how the last quarter will unfold. Not just in terms of the events around me, but in terms of shifts within me as well. 

Moving forward, as I finish my noon time glorious cup of coffee, I intend to make this last quarter productive - in terms of art, work, helping others, and finishing up various things - and much lighter and happier by removing all sorts of clutter - things, people, habits, compulsions - that do not add anything to the quality of my life, or even drag it down. Some things are quite tough to do, but I shall do my best! 

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