Saturday, October 20, 2012

Something Similar

This looks familiar, I know. Something you must have seen recently. 

Clearer Message Received. Oh, I wish that were the case. I meant a Clearer version of "Message, Received."

This is the same piece I posted in the Survivor Sketches post, except that I added darker lines around everything to make it clearer/sharper. 

I have been coloring late, and just this morning I finally colored another drawing which I made on the same day I did the one above. 

Enjoying late night conversations

Come to think of it they both have to do with communication. Which reminds me, last Wednesday, I had dinner with a friend while her husband had a few beers with a business contact a few tables away from ours. I had so much fun as we talked and laughed over sushi, sashimi, tubs of green tea, Sprite, and coffee, that at the end of the evening I was drunk with a quiet kind of happiness. I realize that while I am generally always cheerful, lately, I have only been rarely feeling really happy, that when I get a dose of it I kind of get Drunk with it XD A little too drunk that I drunk-dialed-text-message-version some person and after I took a shower I was like, omg I shouldn't have wt*. Anyway not gonna happen again *apologizes profusely* :D (I am not sure to whom I am apologizing maybe to me omg XD) Besides, there is still The Akachan Angst and I feel like I really need to do myself some big favors to make up. Being spurned on so many levels in "different portals" on various occasions by different people is not good for my mental health and skin XD 

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