Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Survivor Sketches

I have been enjoying painting using some old secondhand Japanese brushes which I bought from our neighbor, who owns and runs a store, Japan Surplus. 

Old brushes, still in pretty good condition and so easy and convenient to paint with

I have previously bought some brushes from them before, to add to the few that I (re)started with months ago. Looking back, as I organized all the pieces (both finished and unfinished) I currently have, I realize I would paint some, then find them all ugly or unpleasant, stop for a few years, try again, feel that I totally suck at it, then stop again, and so on. Because of this, some sketchbooks had nothing but torn out pages and I think most of the even older pieces found themselves in the trash XD

The earliest I found then, was just from 1994, but there is only one from that batch, and I remember throwing the rest away. Nowadays, I still feel dissatisfied with most of what I do. The only difference is that I have now decided to stick with it because I really enjoy it, and I cannot really do anything else except practice and focus on what I can do at the moment, until I eventually, hopefully, evolve my skill.  (And of course there is plenty of thanks to Julia Cameron for all the guidance and reminders.)

So as I mentioned the last time in the previous post, I was still in the processing of coloring one of my drawings, while having finished another one. Now I have finished both, and though I am not quite happy about the first one, I shall upload it because I already said I would :D (Both are posted in the Artwork page, along with everyone else :D)

Having received the message, she kind of waits. 

Issho ni, moving forward


  1. they are all so cute, Peach. Heaven and I are back at painting too and Japanese paintbrushes are our fave brushes to use as well.

    I like the tree with stars. :)

  2. Thank you!! (^_^) Aren't Japanese brushes so wonderful to use? :D

    I made some revisions to the piece with the star-tree; will post it next time :D


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