Sunday, November 25, 2012



"I remember most of what you have said to me, even those you have possibly forgotten, hence whenever you go out there to fight, I cheer you on even if silently. Even if you hardly recall anything about me. From Yesterday. What about a week ago? Trails left hanging. Go back a few weeks. I am sure nothing rings a bell. Quite unimportant, really. Names, posts, messages, virtual sugar purrs. All disappearing into a blank wall. Affection. Absent. Endearments. Evanescent. Fondness, fascination, friendship. Fleeting." 

~ Steampunk Anaru to the Yadomi of You Surrounded by Menmauses.

"I am hardly even sure you meant anything else you ever said or if you were lucid at all. And, so much for sticking up for me."

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