Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fruity Afternoon

Today being my rest-and-recreation-day, I had a pretty calm and productive time. Several moments went to eating homemade sweets and sticky rice desserts with my mom, and I also enjoyed the extra quiet afternoon with a mangosteen after having coffee.

I was also able to put many things in order, and I think it is my first rest day in a long time when I did not feel any anxiety due to work or bills or people or my health. Not that I no longer have concerns about them XD For some reason I was just able to rest well today. Maybe it is also because I went running in the morning and it relaxed me so much, but I guess it also helped when I came to terms with some things, and I have been back to doing and discussing art. With regard to a couple more part-time jobs that I am waiting for, I have decided to not get ahead of them and just wait, and have a backup plan in case they do not push through. 

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